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What to Expect with a Photo Session

Thanks for stopping by the blog! This is my first post, but I’ll be posting a couple times a month. The posts could be relatively short, or pretty long and detailed if I’m feeling inspired. This is just another way that I want to invite you into my life so you can get a better idea of what to expect with both my services and my customer service.

Anyways, I know you just came here for the recipe so to speak, so I won’t bore you with my life story.

This post is all about my photography services. This means I’m going to dive into who I typically provide photography services for, my favourite projects to work on, and what you can expect when you book a photography session with me (whether you’re a realtor, mother, father, couple, professional, business owner that needs some product photos or anything I’m missing!).

So, funny enough, I booked my first family portrait session while I was shooting pictures for a realtor. The family whose house I was shooting just so happened to want some pictures taken for their daughters first birthday this past August 2020. Let’s talk real-estate first.

If you’re a realtor…

I usually contact you because I came across your name or phone number online or in a brochure. In all honesty, if you have a friendly smile, I might just say “why not?” and give you a quick call. We get so little human interaction these days, it feels like I’m calling up a friend.

In this call I give some details about my price. At the time of writing this, the quote I would give a realtor is $200/1000 sq ft. This means that if a house is 1500 sq/ft, for example, I would charge $300 to shoot the whole house. The price of editing photos is included in this, so in total you’d end up with 40 - 50 edited photos for your listing. Not all photographers get excited about real-estate shoots, and maybe I’ll get there, but right now they might be my favourite kind of shoot to do. I love visiting new houses, and I’ve got the deed down to a structure now, so it’s kind of relaxing to me.

I shoot everything with multiple brightness settings so that I can layer it in post to ensure that out the windows and inside the rooms are equally sharp. I shoot on a Nikon Z6 (but I’ll be getting a Z6II soon), and yes I have a wide angle lens with no distortion. I’ve shot for Phelps Homes, but at the photoshoot where I met that family, I was shooting for Boldt Realty.

If you’re a family...

Speaking of the photoshoot where I met the family, here are some lovely pictures of them!

When I’m hired to shoot a family, it’s usually because the prospect came up naturally in conversation. I love meeting new people and getting together to create something beautiful that we can all be proud of, so a family photoshoot is always a good time. I’ll be sure to pose you a little, but mainly I want to make sure you feel comfortable and are trying poses that feel natural to you and your family.

Prices vary, and sometimes I throw in a few extra photos if I can’t bear to not send you some, but sadly I can’t send everything. Prices typically start at $300, and this includes the session and a minimum of 40 photos. The photo shoots usually last about 2 hours, but time varies depending on how much fun we’re having.

If you’re a business owner that needs some product photography

Before starting Story Unlocked, I worked full-time as the Media Producer for a local manufacturing business called Grimsmo Knives.

I mainly made their YouTube videos (including filming and editing), but I also took product photographs of newly completed knives daily, and I kept their Shopify store up-to-date. We had a little light box to shoot the knives in, and usually the process was pretty uniform, but if the knife was a “special one”, then I had an excuse to get a little creative with it. For example, take a look at this beautiful knife with carbon fibre inlays.

I left Grimsmo Knives in November 2019 because I wanted to pursue the international development work that I’d started in 2016 - 2017 when I volunteered in Cameroon for 6 months. So in January 2020, I went to Tanzania to volunteer as the brand advisor for a nonprofit that had implemented a project that provides business development services to entrepreneurs in Tanzania. I took product pictures while I was there too, including pictures of hand-woven baskets that a local group of women was selling.

If you’re a business owner that would like some product photography services, here’s what I can tell you:

  1. I’d be happy to help you with that! I can’t wait to hear about your product.

  2. Depending on how many products you need photographed, the prices will vary. We can have a phone, video or in-person chat before the photography session to discuss your needs before the day of the shoot if that would make you more comfortable. It’s no extra charge for me to do this

  3. You can keep it in mind that the cost for this service would start at $150 for an hour long session that includes 5 - 10 edited pictures of up to 3 products. Let me know if you need clarification on that (

Whelp! I think that’s enough to get you started. If you have any questions about my photography sessions, or would like to see more examples of my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If all the contact forms all over the site haven’t tipped you off, I love being contacted. It’s kind of the goal of marketing. I’ll leave my email again:

Hope to talk to you soon!


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