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What to Expect with Design Services

Design services can sound so very vague, so let me dig into what I mean when I say that I offer them. I'll also be sure to throw in some examples of work I've done with previous clients, and what the process looked like when we were deciding which services would be more valuable to them.

Here's a brief run-down of the specific design services that I offer:

Brand and Logo Design

When someone books a free consultation to with me, the first thing I'll do is a little creeping of their existing website and digital presence in general (including social media, reviews etc.). The main thing I am checking for is if their brand is consistent across all channels.

If their brand is consistent, it means that I can:

  1. Identify a clear colour palette

  2. A clear logo

  3. A clear tagline and call to action

If the brand needs improvement in any of these areas, I would note those things and bring them up during the consultation call. Of course, I wouldn't bring these things up right away, my number one goal during these calls is to get to know you, your business, and your business goals. I will also be asking you if there's anything you would specifically like to improve about your online presence. Some people can name what they'd like to improve, and others simply have a goal for what they want their marketing materials to achieve, but they don't know where to start. My experience and the questions I ask helps me to quickly determine where your business is at, and what the top priority is when it comes to improving your digital presence in a way that accomplishes your goals. I acknowledge that every business is unique, just as every person is.

Let's say that we decided that you would like a full re-brand for your business. Where do we start? Well we'll discuss exactly what I would be providing you with, and the price would vary depending on the complexity of it. My typical pricing for graphic design work is $30 an hour, and I know how long certain things will take based on my experience with previous clients.

For a simple text logo, for example, that could just take a couple hours so the price could fall between $50 and $100 depending on how much work your brand colours and text need.

If they needed more work, after our call I'd put together some "moodboards" that give an idea of the "vibe" that you're trying to achieve with your messaging and branding.

Take a look at some of these examples that I created while deciding on my own brand:

I was not always settled on the name "Story Unlocked", I was actually thinking about focusing mainly on video at one point, which is where the name "Erin for Reel" came from. So you can see how what you offer often actually changes what your brand might look like.

Below you can see the mood board that I ultimately decided on for my brand style, and then I chose my brand fonts, logo and tagline from there. In the mood board below, I just added my logo to show you how my logo compliments the brand design.

As a bonus, here are some logos that I've designed for other clients:

Website Design

I designed my own website on Wix with a "StoryBrand" framework. StoryBrand is a book by Donald Miller, and business person and marketing guru. When it comes to designing your website, I will ask you questions like "what is the main problem that you business solves for your customer?" "What is the main thing that makes your product or service valuable?" and "What is your call to action?". There is much more to this, but I can't cover my entire marketing strategy translated into web design into one part of a blog post. Either way, I would highly recommend this book to any business owner, and if you want more book recommendations you can always join my Story Unlocked Book Club! (#SUBookClub).

I'll just give an example of one other website that I've designed for now, and that's Koach Karlee's website (linked here). Here aesthetic happens to be similar to mine, but I guarantee that I can create something that is all you.

When is comes to providing website design as a service, I can either provide you with a website review, or a full website re-design where I simple provide you with a finished website that you know how to update.

A website review is where we decide on a day/time to go over your website (and potentially your social channels too). During this call, I provide you with a run down of what I would recommend changing about your website so that it leads the viewer through your information in a way that makes sense and isn't overwhelming. By the time we're done, you should understand how to lead your website viewer through your site in a way that answers their questions, and leads them to take action.

A full website redesign includes the website review service, but I take it one big step further and actually get into making the changes to your website for you. If your website is built on an easy-to-use platform like Wix or Squarespace, I will do the work myself. But if your website is coded from scratch or made using Wordpress, then I will have my subcontractor provide a quote for you. He will create your website whilst including the changes that I provide based on the website review.

Social Media Graphics Design

This is more of an add-on service that I provide if you need some help with creating social media graphics on a regular basis because you don't have time, or if you'd like some professionally designed banners for your social media pages that suit your existing brand.

You can see many examples of graphics I've created for social media on my Instagram (@storyunlocked), or on my Facebook page. I design these graphics on Photoshop, but is a great resource for business owners who don't have the time to learn Photoshop, or the need to pay for a monthly subscription for it.

The reasons you would hire me to design your social media graphics are:

  • You don't have time to create consistent content for social media

  • You don't know how to create content that will be engaging for your audience

  • You want a professionally designed banner, profile picture, and favicon (icon on your site's browser tab) that gives your viewers a great first impression of your business through your social media pages

I hope this article has brought you some clarity as to what design services I offer, and how you can use them to benefit your business. Remember, The average revenue increase attributed to always presenting your brand consistently is 33% - Lucidpress

If you'd like to know more about how to make your brand consistent, and tell your businesses story, book a free content clarity call with me today.


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