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What to Expect with Video Services

Thanks for stopping by! I’m really excited about today’s post because videography is currently THE BEST content to use to market your business. Maybe in the future it will be VR, but for now this is the most immersive form of content we have. Just think about how much time you might dedicate to watching Netflix (unless it’s just me that recently binged Bridgerton)

This post is all about what you can expect from my videography services from the beginning of the process, to coming out with the end result.

I suppose I first started providing videography services when I was working full-time at Grimsmo Knives. Here's an example of a video I did for them:

I was with the team for two years, and I mainly produced YouTube videos for their audience of over 60k. I left the business in November 2019 to volunteer in Tanzania as a Brand Advisor for a nonprofit’s project that supports female entrepreneurs in the country. I made two mini documentary-style videos while I was there, and you can view those on my YouTube channel. Here's an example of one of those videos:

Most of the people I provide videography services to these days are business owners based in Niagara, Ontario. I attend a lot of virtual networking events (Whaddup other members of the GNCC!) where I’m excited to hear their stories, and brainstorm how a video could help them. I find that meeting business owners before cold-calling them makes them a lot more trusting that I’ll provide them with a valuable service. I also just really like networking for some reason. This may be a little bit of a quirk, but I’m okay with that.

After we’ve connected, we’ll book a 30 - 60min call and go over my framework of questions that I ask before starting any project. Some sample questions are:

  • “What marketing do you already have in place?”

  • “How do you currently generate most of your sales?”

  • “What is one major short-term goal that you have for the company?”

  • “What is your timeline?”

After our call, I’ll send you a project outline that includes expected deliverables, bullet points of what must be included in the end result, and a timeline for when it should be completed. Once that’s been approved, I send you a price quote and we set a date to start filming. In the interim, we might put together a script, shot-list, or continue to discuss ideas. And, of course, I’ll be there if you have any questions.

Usually the videos I made are made up of two types of footage: Interview footage and b-roll. If you haven’t heard of it, b-roll is the word used for those beautiful shots that you see overlaid on the video as someone speaks. It counts as b-roll as long as it’s not the footage of that person talking. The videos that I did for the Town of Lincoln mainly consist of b-roll, such as this one:

When I shoot interview footage, I shoot two different angles so I can jump back and forth between the angles to add interest. I also have an audio recording device and a teleprompter, which comes in immensely handy for scripted shoots. By the way, for anyone wondering, I recently became a dedicated Nikon user.

I love that video has so much potential to tell stories so effectively and, as an added bonus, you get a feel for the personality of the business owner. This personal element makes the viewer feel empathy with the subject of the video, and makes the subject (like you!) that much more relatable. This can induce brand loyalty, which is one of the best achievements for a business owner or a brand. I’ll go into the benefits of video marketing more in a future blog post, but I think that’s enough for now. Contact me at if you’d like to chat about a project, or if you’d like more information about my prices. Or simply book a free content clarity call with me by filling in this Calendly form

Thanks for stopping by, neighbour!



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